Fisher's Market Application

On-line Marketplace for a More Righteous Trade

The solution based on B2B (or with other words Shop-to-Shop) model is developed for wholesalers, shops, producers, farmers or fishers to sell and buy products like in a real-life marketplace. Users can register for the service as Seller (in this case fishers), Buyer (large shops, markets, supermarkets or chains, etc.) or Deliverers (people or companies with trucks or vehicles with delivery capabilities).

The sellers can upload their products and edit the content as often as they want on a user-friendly way. Sellers are also able to see the list of the offers, they can check which buyer has an interest in what product, how much the offer is and how big quantity the buyer is intented to buy. Offers can be filtered based on the offered price and other attributes. Sellers are able to accept, deny or give a counter offer.

Buyers can search for the required goods with a highly filterable and detailed search engine  to find the best products.
If a deal is done, the seller can fill a delivery search form (from where, how much product, what kind of product, when and where to deliver, for how much money). These requests appear on the deliverers’ list, where a bargain on the delivery time and the price between sellers and deliverers can be made. The offers appears only in those deliverers’ list who are close enough to the sellers’ premises from where they have to take the goods, based on GPS information.

The seller and the buyer can track the delivery based on the GPS information provided by the deliverer’s mobile device.
The payment can be card payment, PayPal, cash or other. The card and PayPal payments are standard international payment methods.


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